How to Login into Freenode IRC server and participate in discussions

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About Freenode IRC Server

The freenode project is managed entirely by a small team of enthusiastic volunteers who all share a passion for free and open source software and peer-directed project communities. You can learn more about the people behind freenode here.

The freenode project has experienced immense growth over the years and, in line with its original vision, the project provides interactive discussion facilities to a number of free and open source software communities and other peer-directed projects.

About Kiwi IRC

KiwiIRC makes Web IRC easy.

A hand-crafted IRC client that you can enjoy. Designed to be used easily and freely.

How to access Linux Gurukulam IRC Channel through Web interface

1. Visit

Step-1: Type a 'Nick' name and click 'Start' to login into Freenode IRC Server


Step-2: If you have registered your 'Nick', then check 'Password' box and provide the password and click on 'Start'


Step-3: Join interested IRC channel like ILUGC, Linux Gurukulam using '/join #ilugc (or) /join #linuxgurukulam' command in the /edit' box


Step-4: Configure Kiwi IRC settings to disable 'Join/Quit message which frequently displays in the Chat Message Window